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Artchutney.com strongly believes in safe guarding your privacy. All your information is completely confidential with us. Any information provided by you as a registered user will not shared with any individual or third party unless you explicitly request for it. The information will only be used to serve your needs better and enhance your experience at our web site. We are committed to protecting your privacy on-line.

Please feel free to contact us at help@artchutney.com for any queries/more information.


Artchutney.com provides an assurance that each piece of art for sale on the site is a genuine work of the artist listed. We guarantee the authenticity of the artwork for a period of one year. Authenticity with respect to the artworks means conformity of the artwork with the description provided on the web site, particularly with reference to the name of the artist, title of the artwork, date, the school of art, dimensions, medium etc.

In the improbable event that within one year from the sale of the artwork, it is proved by the buyer to the satisfaction of Artchutney.com, that the item is not authentic; and if, in our opinion, this would have significantly impacted the price a buyer would have been willing to pay for the item, Artchutney.com shall be entitled to annul the sale. In which case, the Artchutney.com will be liable to refund to the buyer the price paid for the item, once the painting has been returned to us. All such claims will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and in the case of an authenticity claim will require that examinable proof, which clearly outlines that the item is not authentic, is provided by an established and acknowledged authority. The decision of Artchutney in respect of such claims shall be final and binding.